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Step 2 - In-home Consultation

$150 per appointmentA credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.

Professional help for any behavior issue:

    All of our training or packages start with an Initial Consultation, which is done in 2 parts.

    1 – We speak with you by phone after reviewing a Behavior Questionnaire you complete for each dog.

    2 – We meet with you in your home for an hour visit with your dog or dogs. We assess your dog's behavior, and determine the motivation for the behavior causing you concern. We focus on fear or aggressive behavior first, before obedience behaviors. You will get a demonstration of the training we do for your dog. We will show you safety measures to take if your dog is showing aggressive behavior and make sure you have strategies to avoid making your dog’s behavior worse.

    Why do we offer initial consultations in 2 parts: We have found that it is much more efficient to gather information by phone first. We are not distracted by a dog who may be distressed while we try to gather a full behavior history. We are also more fully prepared by the time we visit your home. Clients can speak freely about their dog’s behavior during the phone consultation and not be distracted by the dog being uncomfortable.

    What is included in an initial consultation:

  • We review your dog's history, observe your dog's behavior and get to know your goals in the phone consult.
  • You receive immediate safety recommendations after your phone consult.
  • We observe and assess your dog's behavior in the in-home assessment.
  • You learn about the type of training your dog needs and see a demonstration of training techniques.
  • You get education on safety and why your dog is showing the behavior causing concern.
  • You receive written copies of all recommended training plans and easy to follow homework assessments.
  • No additional charge for two dogs fighting in a home.
  • No additional obligation is required. Some families only need an initial consultation to address their concerns about their dog's behavior.

  • Make sure you also schedule your Phone Consultation


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